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Courses & Classes

excluding regular work at RNCM, TCM and CSB
all courses in England unless otherwise stated
P = open to the public

Dalcroze Society UK intensive training courses continue throughout the year. Contact admin@dalcroze.org.uk


London Young dancers and musicians courseP (contact Jacqueline Vann)

RomeDalcroze Certificate Training Course

April 16 - 18

Rome, Italy certificate exam preparation for the Conservatorio di Latina

May 15 - 16

London, Certificate exam preparation. P (Contact the administrator, Dalcroze Society UK admin@dalcroze.org.uk)

June 1 - 5

Institut Jaques Dalcroze, Geneva.Conference and examining

June 28 - 30

Conservatorio di Latina, Certificate final exams

July 12 - 18

Austrian Rhythmics Teachers Union annual summer course, Vienna.P (Contact Angelika Hauser hauser@mdw.ac.at)

August 1- 7

Dalcroze Society UK annual summer course, Christchurch college, Canterbury. P (Contact the Administrator, Dalcroze Society UK admin@dalcroze.org.uk)

August 11 - 16

Japanese Dalcroze Society Congress, Tokyo, Japan. P (Contact Yuri Ishimaru ishimaru@m-net.ne.jp)

August 17 - 26

Singapore, Dalcroze Summer school. P (Contact Julie Tan julie@musicessentials.com)

September 9 - 12

Hellerau, Germany. Annual Summer course. P (Contact Christine Straumer. www.rhythmikwerkstatt-hellerau.de)

November 4 - 5

Vienna, Internationalen Rhythmiksymposium "rhythmik vernetzt". P (Contact Angelika Hauser hauser@mdw.ac.at )


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