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Karin Greenhead teaches the following classes

DALCROZE EURHYTHMICS Comprising rhythmics, solfa and improvisation

RHYTHMICS Creative and technical movement class on the Fundamental Elements of Experience and Expression eg: co-ordination; pulse; tempo; rhythm pattern; metre; phrase; polyrhythm; accent; anacrusis; time/space/energy; weight and flow etc.

DYNAMIC REHEARSAL The rehearsal and performance of the concert repertoire - vocal and instrumental, solo and ensemble, using applied Dalcroze principles. more...

IMPROVISATION Exploration and study of musical vocabulary and languages; forms and styles; improvisation for movement; group improvisation; composition

MOVEMENT PREPARATION Body awareness; good use; basic movement technique and vocabulary. Rebound and sustained movement; development of rhythmic vitality, expressivity and security in music and movement; use of space; groupwork; realisation and Plastique Animée.

REMEDIATION Diagnosis and remediation of fundamental problems in movement, rhythm and perception for dancers and musicians

PLASTIQUE ANIMEE Realisation in movement of a musical composition in order to study and express its elements, qualities, character, form ( embodiment and interpretation). Musicianship in action, also a pre-choreographic course. The use of this as a method to refine sensibilities and to create other types of relationship with music

CONCEPTS The Dalcroze "Subjects" or Fundamental Elements of Expression and their types across the arts, in nature and in lived experience: exploration, analysis and synthesis. Creative work and teaching based on these

VOICE Repertoire coaching: Lied, mélodie, opera, musicals Remedial and technical vocal work: voice production, intonation and vocal development for singers and non-singers

PEDAGOGY Of the above

MIND-MAPPING Creative techniques to assist thinking, analysis, planning


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