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Dynamic Rehearsal is an application of Dalcroze principles and methods to the rehearsal and performance of musical repertoire developed uniquely by Karin Greenhead since 1993. The method uses various materials (typically trampoline, RG Balls, tennis balls, scarves ) and techniques including silent rehearsal in movement to create and clarify an inner image of how the piece is to sound.

Playing and interpretation are directly affected by this sensory image and a true link between the performer and the music itself is forged at every level: physical, intellectual and emotional. This deep connection provides a direct means of accessing new questions and answers about the music and resolving difficulties of interpretation and technique. It also enables performers to communicate powerfully their intentions regarding the music and enhances ensemble playing.

In addition to the inner image of the music itself, other aspects of movement and sound production studied include attention to centre and grounding, rebound, successional flow and the study of line, Time, Space, Energy relationships and emphasis. To date this work has been demonstrated by Karin with soloists, chamber music groups and an orchestra in the UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, Australia and USA and captured to a limited extent on film in Italy, Germany and Holland. It has been applied to singers, pianists, string players, woodwind and percussion.

A particular version of it has been used in workshops on playing for movement.

Places where Dynamic Rehearsal has been demonstrated:

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

ESTA Strings '99, Portsmouth

Trinity College of Music, London

Associazione Italiana Jaques Dalcroze, Rome

Dalcroze Society UK Summer Courses, Canterbury

Dalcroze Council of Australia, Summer Courses: Adelaide, Sydney, Toowoomba

Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane

Longy School of Music, Boston

Musikhochschule Carl Maria von Weber, Dresden (in Hellerau)

University of North York, Ontario (dance teachers and pianists course)

Conservatory of Tilburg, Holland


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