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Trained at the Royal College of Music, London and the Institut Jaques Dalcroze, Geneva
has worked as a performer and teacher with musicians, dancers, choreographers and teachers, opera and ballet companies, orchestras, chamber ensembles, students and professionals
is one of the leading teachers of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and its applications worldwide.

Karin has developed a particular interest in the application of Dalcroze principles and methods to the artistic and technical training of performing artists (musicians of all kinds, dancers and choreographers) and in the training of Dalcroze Specialists. I these fields she has created innovative work, in particular the groundbreaking "Dynamic Rehearsal Techniques" (the application of Dalcroze and general movement principles to the rehearsal and performance of the concert repertoire, solo and ensemble). Her work in this area is informed by her own performing experience as a singer, instrumentalist and conductor in recitals, opera, orchestra and chamber music.

currently teaches at

and is
Royal Northern College of Music
Trinity College of Music
Central School of Ballet
And frequent training classes in Italy

Director of Studies for the Dalcroze Society UK
British Delegate to FIER

Freelance activities includes working as a performer, conductor, coach and teacher with opera and ballet companies, recitalists, ensemble groups, teachers, conservatory and university students and deaf children. Training courses; compositions for performance and teaching.

Overseas commitments have include work in Australia, U.S.A. Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Spain,Italy, Austria, Holland and Slovenia.

Teaching languages: English, French, German, Italian


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